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Claranet provides network, hosting, and managed application services in the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands (Benelux), Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Brazil.

An angry former employee shared his/her experience working for Claranet on Indeed in April 2018:

"The team itself is a great bunch however a lack of management of processes between legacy and new create an environment where you're stuck in the middle. When something goes wrong whatever process you followed you get the blame. Disappointed to see such a poor environment inside a company I viewed so differently before working there."


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Administrateur systèmes et réseaux (Former Employee) says

"Très déçu du comportement de la responsable du service RH et d'un soit disant "directeur data center" depuis leur acquisition de l'entreprise diademys"

Servicedesk medewerker (Former Employee) says

"Het is een leuke werk omgeving mits het verloop niet zo hoog was. Op de operationele afdelingen werken echte techneuten maar er heerst een twee strijd binnen de afdelingen door alleen eigen straatje schoon te vegen. Management wilt de medewerkers laten geloven dat het een mensgerichte cultuur is maar in feite is het een resultaatgerichte cultuur. Omdat men niet wilt investeren in het 'wij gevoel' dan wel personeel zelf. Centrale waarden van de organisatie zijn productiviteit, resultaten, winst en taakgerichtheid. Het besluitvaardigheid van het management is erg langzaam. Servicedesk is het afval putje van de organisatie, onderbetaald en ondergewaardeerd. Mensen kregen enorm verschillende lonen voor hetzelfde werk. Daarentegen was er altijd fruit en kon je wel babbeltje maken met collega's. Cons: Verloop personeel, hoge werkdruk, prestaties sales, bedrijfscultuur, salarisverhoging"

Financieel specialist (Current Employee) says


Medewerker administratie (Current Employee) says

"Veel geleerd in korte tijd. Werken met diverse programmatuur die niet altijd op een lijn zitten. De directie zit momenteel in een overnamefase. De medewerkers die er werken kunnen niet samenwerken, er is constant strijd dat veel onnodige kruim eist. Er zijn diverse "rotte appels" die het voor iemand die het goed wil doen snel verpesten. Ze werken op een hoog niveau met Excel dat niet voor iedereen weggelegd is. De werkomgeving is leuk, veel klantencontact, mooi pand. Cons: medewerkers"

Medewerker ICT (Former Employee) says

"Diverse overnames plaatsgevonden, vele niet op elkaar afgestemde systemen Cons: Trage besluitvorming, geen eensgezindheid, bedrijfscultuur, niet nakomen van afspraken, (overgebleven) management en directie"

Service Desk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The team itself are a great bunch however a lack of management of processes between legacy and new create an environment where you're stuck in the middle. When something goes wrong whatever process you followed you get the blame. Cons: Blame culture and no support"

nenhuma (Current Employee) says

"Presidente não sabe gerenciar empresa e as pessoas. Cons: Remuneração abaixo do mercado."

Senior Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Departments too isolated from each other & not enough teamwork. Cons: Culture, poor managemnet"

Senior Commercial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Good working culture within staff despite poor management at senior levels. Unlikely to be rewarded for positive contribution."

Tecnico de Service Desk TI (Current Employee) says

"salario baixo"

Senior Solution Architect (Former Employee) says

"The day typically started at 9 with requests coming from Sales Executives for technical approval of small individual customer requirements. Work also proceeded on larger bids with customer meetings, bid responses and internal technical approval all required. I was also involved in learning VMWare with respect to the launch of the Claranet Cloud project and testing out the customers experience of building VM instances and protecting with a VM firewall instance. I also was part of the 3rd place team that developed a promotional video for the Claranet Cloud programme. I worked with Marketing, Product Development and Project Managers. Cons: 9-6 not too good for long commutes"

Departamento de Ingenieria de Soluciones (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente laboral ligeramente enrarecido por las decisiones arbitrarias de dirección, la escasa facilidad para la conciliación familiar debido a guardias y horarios extensos y dificultad de promocionar en carreras extradepartamentales. Cons: Ambiente laboral enrarecido"

Former Employee - Solutions Architect says

"I worked at Claranet full-time for more than 3 years Cons: loads that isn't very good"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Claranet full-time for less than a year Cons: - Members of the Senior Management Team act very superior and belittle employees. - Managers with no management experience/skills bad-mouth you to other employees and don't know how to communicate in a professional manner. - A very small amount of staff attend the office, therefore there is no personality to the office. - Managers 'pick and choose' what they deem to be appropriate. Therefore, you can get in trouble for doing something on a Wednesday, which you was told to do on a Monday."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Claranet full-time Cons: Staff and management that are there deserve to be so. Leave them to it."

Former Employee - Senior SRE says

"I worked at Claranet full-time for more than a year Cons: Blame culture - to the extent of corporate bullying. Terrible management. Poor Morale. Horrific office politics. Overly corporate. Unprofessional."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"I worked at Claranet full-time for less than a year Cons: I was working on another company for +15 years with a very comfortable career. I received a invitation to join Iten/Claranet as a Project Manager for a big Portuguese client. I had my fears about this move but the HR Team guaranteed me that I was going to work in a good team, managing other skilled developers, being able to deliver what was intended for the project. Also, I live around 2 hours drive away from the clients location, so I was rest assure there was no need of going frequently to cleints location. After quitting my job and on the first day, I found that my project team were in fact 2 inter developers with ablolutelly lo experience, as also some outsourced developers who were assign to this project without having any engagement or interest in it. As if this wasn’t enough, I find that the client “changed” their demand about the project manager, requiring my presence EVERYDAY on clients location around 8 AM for unnecessary meetings, forcing me to go through 2 hours rush hour traffic every morning. After 2 weeks I left the company with no job, no career path and a family to carry.!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Claranet full-time Cons: Terrible office politics, below average salaries and a bullying culture amongst management."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Claranet full-time for more than a year Cons: Have little to no value for staff, during my two year at the company all social events were cheap to say the least. They encourage an environment of infighting and not to work as a team. There are groups of people and not one company as a whole."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"I worked at Claranet full-time for less than a year Cons: 1). The office politics is the worst that i've seen. In the project teams, it is clear that your personal success is incumbent on behaving like a sycophant when you are engaging with your team leader. If you are uncomfortable or un-sure how to do this, observe your team leaders interactions with his manager and with his peers. Essentially, if you want to get on, laugh at any putrid jokes offered up by your betters and nod along at the right times, irrespective of whether it's good for the business or not, and spend your days plotting on how to get your peers into trouble. Appears to be the Claranet way. Observe how cliques form and morale plummets. People seem more concerned with each others salaries, progress and opportunities to complain to middle management. Middle management have built this culture where there is a lack of transparency, trust and issues (often fabricated, in lieu of actually doing any work) are resolved through anonymous co-ordinated complaints. Great if you want to create an atmosphere of suspicion and non-collaboration. Awful if you want to run a successful business. 2) Unprofessionalism-relates to the clique issue above. All the cues from middle management in the Project office seems to be along the lines of "if you're in with the right people, you can spend your days unproductive and finger-pointing". For a project office, the lack of project awareness and terminology is shocking but rank un-professionalism is good bedfellows with a race to the bottom when it comes to employee retention. The good workers who know what a well managed project looks like will see the writing on the wall. The employees who've been with the company are invariable more adept/interested in sabotaging colleagues than actually managing customers expectations as they have been tacitly rewarded for such behaviours in the past."


"I worked at Claranet Cons: very unhealthy working environment, employees have formed groups and take pride in getting each other into trouble for things that would be ignored in normal organizations. management is extremely extremely incompetent."

Network Engineer says

"I worked at Claranet Cons: Management must be working really hard posting fake reviews to attract the unaware. Company decimated good technical stuff with bullying tactics."